12bet官方 supports fundamental principles of human rights across all our lines of business and in each region of the world in which we operate. 12bet官方’s respect for the protection and preservation of human rights is guided by the principles set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of 人权.

12bet官方与员工的关系, 客户和供应商, 以及与我们开展业务的国家和社区的合作, 是否意在反映原则, 政策, codes and accords set forth and referred to in this 人权 Statement. 我们对负责任的信念, honest and ethical behavior informs our 行为准则 和 character of our company is defined by the personal integrity and honesty of our employees.

12bet官方(12bet官方)采用了 Wolfsberg原则 and is one of the founders of The Carbon Principles for understanding carbon risk. 我们的资产管理业务采用了 联合国负责任投资原则 和 采掘业透明度倡议.  我们认为 赤道原则 对于某些交易, through the International Finance Corporation's environmental and social Performance Standards, 解决劳工和工作条件等问题, 社区卫生与安全, 征地和安置, 以及土著人的待遇.

We believe we can play a constructive role in helping to promote respect for human rights

12bet官方 believes it is the role of government in each country to protect the human rights, 包括安全保障, 它的公民. 然而, we believe we can play a constructive role in helping to promote respect for human rights by our own actions and by seeking to engage with the governments of the countries with and in which we operate. 此外,我们承认 《12bet官网》 as the recognized framework for corporations to respect human rights in their own operations and through their business relationships.

12bet官方 complies with applicable international and local legal requirements in the countries in which we operate. Where local law conflicts with the principles contained in this 人权 Statement, 12bet官方遵守当地的要求, 同时, seeking ways to uphold the principles set forth in this 人权 Statement.

While 12bet官方 recognizes that it is the responsibility of each client and supplier to define its own policy and approach to the issue of human rights, we believe such relationships provide an opportunity for the development of best practices relating to the promotion of human rights. In our client relationships we seek to incorporate respect for human rights and demonstrate a commitment to fundamental principles of human rights through our own behavior. We seek to engage with suppliers whose values and business principles are consistent with our own and through our procurement 政策 and standards seek to encourage behavior by our suppliers that is consistent with the principles set forth in this 人权 Statement.

12bet官方 is committed to respecting the human rights of our employees through our internal employment 政策 and practices, 例如我们的全球隐私政策, which protects the personal information of employees and our health, 家庭护理和多元化计划和项目.

As part of our broad effort to ensure that respect for human rights is integrated into the business of the firm, 12bet官方 has adopted 政策 and procedures designed to ensure compliance with legal requirements and which seek to prevent our products and services from being used for improper purposes. 这些政策和程序包括我们的 行为准则, 我们的反腐败, 反洗钱, 反贿赂, 了解你的客户和反恐融资政策. 12bet官方 is additionally subject to laws and regulations prohibiting commerce with certain countries, 组织和个人.

12bet官方’s support for the protection and preservation of human rights reflects our core values. 我们认识到,这必须是一项持续的努力, with ongoing work to reassess our practices and our approach in light of changing global circumstances and an evolving global policy environment. We are dedicated to exemplifying good corporate citizenship through our commitment to respecting human rights and through our broader commitment to corporate responsibility generally.

人人生而自由,在尊严和权利上一律平等.  They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.